TheIberianClock is a lesser known OTer with aprox. 12k (17k if you count alts and usernames before the second angryshoopdawhooper) post from mid 2012.

Usernames, Alts, and Brief History

TheIberianClock's original name was angryshoopdawhooper. Under that name, he got 11k post and became fairly known. Eventually he changed his name to AngryTheGostigust, as he sarcasticly worshipped a god-like being known as "Gostigust". He then changed to GreaterGost, and then TheTalkingClock due to his fondness of Don't Hug Me I'm Scared 2. After that, he changed back to Angryshoopdawhooper as a joke, and then finally he changed it to TheIberianClock, presumably due to his Iberianist views.

He has 8 alts, Organizational, TheAndalusianClock, TheSwabianClock, TheDanishClock, and Happyshoopdawhooper. His other 3 were used for baiting, but they go unused now.

Outside of OT

TheIberianClock, based of his statements, is a blonde-blue eyed Swabian who lives in the Bay Area of California. He is a firm conservative, as well as a staunch supporter of NATO as well as Israel, Ukraine, Swabian nationalism, and pan-Iberianism. Most of his political post are seen supporting USA, Spain, Swabia, or pan-Iberianism. He dislikes communism, Putin, Russia, China, and North Korea (though he does satirically refer to North Korea as True Korea).


more is add soon

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