TheJayZeroFive is an active OTer with over 11.5k posts.

He starting foruming in November of 2015 under his first account "thej05". (which he created September of 2013)

He started to mainly forum in January of 2016, and racked up 1,500 posts before he got deleted March 5th, 2016.

He created TheJayZeroFive on 1/26/2016 as a alternative account, but as of 3/5/2016 he has been using it as a main account.


thej05 was deleted in the early hours of 3/5/2016, as he made a thread directing OTers to the cafe game SizzleBurger. He told OTers to "put on their most ODERISH outfit" and to head to server 1.

He put on a oder outfit and lasted a good five minutes in the game before he got a red banner that said "This game has shut down"

Upon leaving, he went to the forums and then he was redirected and he was met with a "Account Deleted" page.


  • He is American.
  • He is a male.
  • He loves Nintendo.
  • He has 2 dogs, and previously had 5 cats.

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