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TheLocalGamer is a (semi) well-known OT'er. He is known for his edginess, as he has many alternative accounts that are terminated. Across these alternative accounts, he has more than 140,000 posts. He has been IP Banned 5 times, 2 of those times was permanent. He has had countless E-Mail bans and Poison bans. TheLocalGamer has been on since 2008, with 118 alternative accounts. Moderators still try to ban every alternative account he makes, but he already has more than 200 banked up and ready for use, with verified E-Mails..

You can see TheLocalGamer's original profile through a shirt he made before his first termination.

TheLocalGamer has been foruming since 2008, and plans to continue for years and years. He quotes, "About every 200-1,000 posts, I see the words, 'Account Deleted.' I see it every day so I don't freak out. I just log on to another account, as usual." TheLocalGamer is 17 years old and is planning to be a ROBLOX moderator, under a different account and name.

There have been groups made by Off Topic, praising him. They have been terminated.  You can always recognize TheLocalGamer by his unique text style. This is an example:


this this thelocalgamer


hi u ok

So, in conclusion, TheLocalGamer is an OT'er that will always be remembered for his dedication, join date and edginess.

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