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Thestarschat - Tinychat

Typical NIOSRoom chat log

TheNIOSRoom was a chatroom created by NotInOurStars in order to provide a safe haven for those persecuted by 12prind's ot_chatroom1. Also so Liliamgirl Rcould play coldplay.

Coldplay Block (7:50-8:00 AM/PM)

Liliamgirl plays coldplay. This sometimes takes place in the less famous TheStarsChat

Daytime Room (Any time before 10:00 PM)

Usually we gamble on SSBB battles and disregard the NIOS After Hours rule.

NIOS After Hours (10:00 PM-2:00AM)

The same as Daytime Room, except videos become more pornographic in nature (it provides a release for the pervs. EW I SAID RELEASE.)

Philisophical Debate (2:00 AM-5:00 AM)

If it's 2AM guys, go to sleep...







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