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TheNoobThatSaidLOL (or TruNub) is a terminated OTer who switched his main account with overratedscorpion808, who joined in November 7, 2014. TheNoobThatSaidLOL claims he has an old account he had earlier who joined in January 28, 2010. He now has 2,248 posts.


TheNoobThatSaidDie is an active OTer who is the alt of TheNoobThatSaidLOL. He currently has less than 1,000 posts. He blames Volaxia for his termination.


For making a murderer game with a grab-slit knife which is considered "adult content".


  • "*Puts on Golden Flash shades* I'm outta here" (Early 2014)
  • "and screw logic :D" (Mid 2014)
  • "and screw logic and OT :D" (Mid 2014)
  • "Don't wear black people" (Late 2014)
  • "2diggy4siggy" (November 28, 2014)
  • "2キムggリ4siggy" (November 28, 2014 - Late December 2014)
  • "Blame Volaxia" (March 28, 2014)
  • "Do u even lift ▐▬▬▬▌ | RIP TruNub Add 2248 to post count" (Current)


  • He attempts many all-nighters. Yet he only succeeded in 2.
  • He created 25 places but only 2 of them are finished
  • He is neutral to most OTers. Except 1.

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