NOTICE: This is an expanded version of the incident. You can see the summarized (TL;DR) version here.

The "Socialist" Incident was a 2016 presidential election debate when raceman6743 made a joke about how Bernie Sanders would make the U.S. socialist. The flame war was brief originally yet went all out when religious, racial, and historical debates were brought up. The battle was also extended the day after it originally started.

Original Posts and Beginning of Incident

On Wednesday February 3rd, 2016, during the afternoon hours, raceman6743 posted a thread with the following title and body:

"Welcome to the United (Socialist) States of America!"
"U(S)SA President (really a dictator): Bernie Sanders... ...Hard truth."
The first post made was by AntiYurakiBot, saying that raceman6743 had mistaken socialism for communism. This began the flame war when raceman6743 responded with the fact that he knew the difference. Then, SoFarSoGoodSoWhat (also EarthboundFTW) began to attack raceman6743's joke/opinions about the election. DogBone343 would defend raceman6743 the entire time. Eventually, it died down when raceman6743 said he would no longer waste time on the thread. That's when it got spicy.

The "White Christian" Reply and Re-igniting the Flame War


The "White Christian" Reply.

SoFarSoGoodSoWhat, after a while, attacked raceman6743 and DogBone343 and their religions by saying that they support "stupid white christians that make 500K+ off voters." This lead to a HUGE war between those who supported raceman6743 (many of the posters) and SoFarSoGoodSoWhat. It went out of control when m2th (well-known flammer) joined in, as well as Slydexia and other users. The religious debate would continue until the end of the flame war. During this, mentionings of apartheid and racism were interpreted into the flame war, making it even worse for many people.

Climax and Decline of Flame War

The climax was hit once Slydexia and other users took advantage in trolling and spamming the thread. CasperTheGhost7, who came out of nowhere, highly defended DogBone343 and raceman6743 by saying many personal attacks on those who believed that raceman6743 was wrong. DaggerJax tried to convince everyone that the thread was bait (it technically wasn't because it was raceman6743's opinion, but he made a joke from it). No one else mentioned the idea that the flame war was a waste. AntiYurakiBot would rejoin the flame war by going against CasperTheGhost7. Slydexia's troll posts and raceman6743's return to the thread (surprised by the amount of posts) would ultimately end the flame war itself. Based on what happened, raceman6743 retained that his opinion was supported more than SoFarSoGoodSoWhat's ideals.

OT Reaction

Some OT'ers who missed the flame war said that it was "a wall of spammers who are dumb liberals." Some people have also suggested that the thread was bait (DaggerJax was the first to mention how this could be). For the OT'ers involved, they have not spoken of the incident since it does not matter to them. Mini-mods have attempted to take down the thread, yet only got a coupe of posts CD'd, including the title and body of the original post.


Because of this incident (and some other minor ones similar to this), ROBLOX decided to fully establish that "political and religious threads and debates are not allowed on the forums" because of the amount of attention and flamming that would occur. Although the idea of political and religious posts were BANNED from the forums already, it wouldn't be until AFTER the incident where it would become that punishments from it would be stricter. raceman6743 has not said anything of the incident since, yet his personal OT Wikia page mentions it as 5 of the largest incidents with him being involved. The other users involved did not make more posts about it, meaning that they kept it in the thread and then forgot about it after a while. SoFarSoGoodSoWhat was banned for 3 days when a personal attack was made on raceman6743. On 2/5/16, the thread's original post and some replies in the thread were CD'd and raceman6743 was banned for one day.

Users Banned/Involved

This MASSIVE LIST of goodness shows every user involved and the punishments faced.

  • raceman6743 [Warned Twice, Then Banned for One Day]
    Raceman6743 01-0

    Raceman6743's character model.

  • AntiYurakiBot [Warned]
  • DogBone343
  • SoFarSoGoodSoWhat [Banned for Three Days]
    Sofarsogoodsowhat 01-0

    SoFarSoGoodSoWhat's character model.

  • CasperTheGhost7 [Warned]
  • m2th [Banned for One Day]
  • Slydexia

    Slydexia's character model.

  • DaggerJax
  • Catzilla99
  • pedrofromsandiego [Warned, Banned for One Day]
  • DarkImperiator
  • kingdestroyah [Warned]
  • Hearsay
  • morril
  • DebateYouAgain
  • SimpleWayfarer
  • CPMegamach4
  • Noob3713
  • xXTheRobotXx
  • Yahda
  • Debateyou
  • phoniex
  • ChicagoTrain
  • Gran5fan

Threads (The original thread that started the flaming. Parts of the thread including the title and original post are CD'd)

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