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1b4 was a troll that came to OT around July 2014. In OT, she said she was a "Computer Expert" and "Grammar expert". She corrected everyone who spelled something wrong, or when they didn't have grammar. She was flamed many times by numerous OTers.

1b4 OT Parties

When she stopped going to OT, someone else held a OT party at 1b4's place. The place achieved an astonishing 20+ OTers in it, with 2 servers made. At one point, 1b4 herself came into the place and thanked them for the tickets. Many people, after the server was shut down by 1b4, rejoined, but 1b4 didn't come back. They left the game, and 1b4 didn't come back after that one day.

At one time, another person hosted another OT party at her place, which was filled with free models at the time. Only five people came to the OT party, and soon it died down.

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