The Air Cannon Incident was actually a series of other smaller incidents committed by the user Epicbloxian3000. Epicbloxian3000 posted what he called the "Air Cannon Terms and Conditions" to OT, which should have been posted to C&G. However, it was the final sentence of the T&Cs which truly triggered the incident to grow larger, saying that Epicbloxian3000 would attempt to sue clone groups.

Initial Thread

The thread which started the incident was a small terms and conditions page for an airline group called "Air Cannon", many OTers found this thread to be unworthy of OT, especially after epicbloxian3000 claimed to have copyright over the group, a feature that is impossible, as ROBLOX owns everything that is published on the website. After several arguments made for and against Bloxian's case, Bloxian soon went from somewhat calm to a full on rage, typing in all caps. The thread began to spread over the first couple of days of the thread being posted, and lead to mass disapproval and controversy about the rules of ROBLOX, and what people could do with a group.

Additionally, Joinerman created another Air Cannon group, angering epicbloxian3000 even more.

Trial/Lawsuit against Bloxian

On 17/05/15, OT Judge Upallknight decided to take Bloxian to court, over the fact that Bloxian was making false copyright claims, raging, acting like an eight year old and typing in all caps. After a discussion with Bloxian, and a few forum posts, this trial finally got the attention of other OTers. Notable people who were involved in the case include Upallknight, lelforumingalt, Joinerman, Epicbloxian3000, Pixeltheking, Aardbeien (using his alt Porks) and several other OTers. Only a few OTers defended Bloxian, and even Bloxian pleaded guilty himself, Bloxian also spread lies about Joinerman, and spread money in court, all of which added to the list charges that were filed against Bloxian

Aftermath/Results of the trial/lawsuit against Bloxian

Bloxian was charged with the following crimes:

"One count of posting in the wrong forum (Should have posted in C&G) Two counts of false copyright claims (ROventure and Air Cannon) One count of forgery (Presents forged evidence in court) One count of slander (Claiming joinerman said the real Air Cannon was made to annoy him) Two counts of copyright infringement (ROventure and Air Cannon) Three counts of typing in all caps (The original thread) One count of corruption (Spreading money in court) Undetermined number of counts of violating OT's golden rule (Being an obnoxious scrub)" - Porks (Aardbeien), and last but not least. jaywalking.

All of which resulted in him being banished from OT, and a restraining order being placed on him and any members of the real Air Cannon and anyone who was involved in the case; if he posts on OT, or breaks the restraining order, he is to be taken to court again and new charges are to be filed. He was also forced to give up ownership of the Air Cannon group.

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