The April 1st hack happened in 2012. A group of users broke into the moderation panel and messed up a lot.

Who did it?

The known people that helped with the April 1st hack are Minish, Pheedy, Are17 And McNoobster. According to Minish aka Diana, Dracoswordmaster helped too.

Effect on the forums

Some of the things they did, were get on moderators accounts and post all sorts of strange stuff, and unban their deleted accounts. Two of the staff that were hacked were ReeseMcBlox and Chro.


The hackers were messing with the banners. One of them said "who put the peanut butter and the coconut and stir it all up". Some other ones were "Playing ROBLOX is always better than going outside!". Here's another banner about the 2012 election.



The Catalog and Currency == The hackers tampered with the trade currency feature. It was to the point where a single ticket equated to 1000 times. 1dev2, the creator of Welcome to the town or ROBLOXia, bought the eerie pumpkin head. The mods though he was hacking, and deleted him. He is still permanently banned to this day. The hackers also released a face called "c:" and one person owned it. Stickmasterluke. It was a creepy looking face, and if you tried to buy it, you got an error page. They also released a bunch of hats that weren't supposed to be released.

April 1st Hack -2



Merely was deleted that day, then unbanned

All the normal mods and admins got their powers taken away and Minish, Pheedy and the rest became mods.

There were many limiteds on the catalog that day.

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