The BigOTs are a musical collective (a band, if you will) that serves as an outlet for OT's musical explorations. Any OTer with an instrument can enter as a member of the band.

Humble Beginnings

On February 9th, 2015, Typocrite posted a thread asking if anyone wanted to start a band. Many OTers joined in on the project. At first, the name "The Big Ass Load of Noise" was considered. They eventually decided on the name "The BigOTs" because it is a pun. BillyCipher helped out by creating the group for the band. After a bit of debate on how the project was going to work, they set out to do a test piece (1).

First Jam

Eunjae posted a short bass jam to the thread. Typocrite went ahead and put a drum track on top of it. This project was released as First Jam on SoundCloud. MastodonianTaco later joined the group and recorded a guitar part for the jam also. The track was subsequently re-released as First Jam V2 (2).

Critical reception was mixed to positive. Awkrin wrote that it was a "great start". Mikeyman12ash said it was "pretty cool", but that the sound was "a bit muddled". StreetsOfSimCity criticized it, calling the members of the band "showoffs" (1).

Second Project

The group became inactive for a while, with progress stalled on a second piece of work. But a few weeks later, Typocrite and BillyCipher worked on a new song. It is called "Bunny". It remains unfinished as of yet (3).

Anyone who is an OTer and plays an instrument is always welcome to join the group and help with the next project.

Group link:

The group today.

The group has been inactive for quite some time. Most members of the group have left. And the group was taken over by UncleJohnsBand. Only 11 members are in the group with edits to the rank being replaced with the word "loser" involved in it

Official Members

The criteria for becoming an official member is to simply take part in creating a song. Anyone can do it.

  • Typocrite - Drummer, Producer
  • Eunjae - Bassist
  • MastodonianTaco - Guitarist
  • BillyCipher - Vocalist, Keyboardist
  • Crispello - Banjo Player
  • SuperCrazyHuman - Flute Player


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