The Booty Show was an OT situational comedy, (much like Autists in the House) created by Crawfly.

The Booty Show

The original Booty Show starred ruralarnoldblox, shadow97, widebrutus, and pokemoneevee. There were guest stars, such as Akrylix, miles94, and ClaraTheDragonborn. The Booty Show ran from August 8 to October 26, 2014. The show was scrapped due to multiple actors leaving OT.

The Booty Show 2

The Booty Show 2 is an upcoming sequel to The Booty Show.It is going to star Super79mario, FloralTigress, Tappier, StreetsofSimCity, and EarthboundFTW (Oddblooger was added to the main cast at the last minute so he wasn't in the trailer). The Booty Show 2 is supposed to come out in Summer 2015.

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