The CuteGirl incident occurred on the 20th of February in ot_chatroom9 when a user named CuteGirl began to strip on camera and make suggestive poses, the chatroom wasn't shut down but there was retaliation from OT.

What Happened

The chatroom was pretty full when a user by the name of CuteGirl arrived and started making lewd requests of lesbian porn, when the rest of the chatroom denied her requests in disgust she started broadcasting and began twerking in her underwear, some OT'ers wanted her to continue but the rest started to worry if the chat would be pulled down. She then pulled down her pants for a split second before pulling them back up, here is an abstract of the chatroom wall at the time:

Cutegirl: Isn't my ass just adorable? <3

ayylmao11: Holy fucking shit, what are you doing


Cutegirl: You're too worried baby, let me show you something special! <3

jontronisgay: HOLY SHIT SHE DID IT


Nudes are leaked to RT

An hour after the incident occured, a user by the name S1utygirlxxx posted to the RT forums about how she was going to strip live for all of RT, the thread gained 23 replies in 5 minutes and she posted approx. 4 pictures of her breasts, by this point RT was chimping out and some RT'ers saved the nudes to their computers.

The thread remained up for another 5 minutes before it was taken down by one of the moderators.

Nudes are posted to OT

10 minutes later, an unknown OT'er posted a link to the nudes causing OT to get up in arms about the legality of the pictures. There was extreme controversy that the FBI would get involved and that S1utygirl would get arrested for posting porn online as she was underage.

S1utygirl then posted 3 more pictures of her vagina, one of which she was holding a piece of paper with "lets fuck <3" written on it. The thread was then filled up with: "IT'S FAPPENING" and "JIZZ OVERLOAD" before it was taken down, S1utygirl was then banned soon after.

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