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AKA The cleansing of crappy posters and The Nightmare of Cyan. This war was caused when Cyanmaree posted saying women were better than men because of what man had done. The name was coined by OTer Ereleon. It started like a harmless arguement, but then Cyan started blaming men for the attacks on 9/11 and school shootings, and soon the flame took off into full force, and insults to politics, relgion, and death threats were thrown back and forth. Soon it started to die when Danbrowned accused Cyan of being a man IRL, and Cyan posted a picture of her hand (see image) and thus killed the thread. It was bumped by a small religious flame about Islam, then soon died. Afterwards Cyan got post-wiped and banned, and all threads about the event or Cyan were mass locked or deleted. 

Cyans presumed alt spammed the global chat forum the next day.



Leader: GenuineRealism/Kalecstrasz 
They attempted to counterattact cyan by stating women were useless and inferior.
Known Members:  Murciielago(at some point known as RosaIinda234 due to the mods 14 daying people and

Cyan's Army

Leader: CyanMaree
Believed that women were better because they believed men were evil.
Known Member(s)- OceanWavess, Sassing, 

The OTers

Leader: None
Believed in Equality and that men and women shouldnt be cast above or below one another.
Known Members: MissManga, Ereleon, CoffeeScripter, DanBrowned

Major Incidents & Raids
OTermination Sep. 25th 2013 / Day 1Day 2Day 4Day 5
Group/Place Raid YES! MagazineStarbucks DescriptionStarbucks CopyrightFrappeFEAR
3 Restaurant GroupsRSF & Electro LegionPinewood CoreYummiez
ROBLOX-Related April 1st 2012Forum 49Extra-Life StreamTNL Porn-site HistoryHQ "Bomb Threat"
OT Chatroom CuteGirlDeputy U.S. Marshal Mark Elder
Flamewars CyanmareSuicide GirlOTDinosaurLolerisForumGameROBLOX+
RT BronyBernie SandersAkrylix & Dtownboy
Mass Trolling/Fads Zayn Did 9/111b4Ilovemom11111LockedServerSmiley Virus
Tiger War 2014Tiger War 2015Russian Bombing
Raids on OT C&G Otaku Raid2014 Purge/b/ (4chan)2015 SpambotsiPad Bots2016 Spambots
Groups/People Bulban EmpireAir CannonWinVariablexxKaitlynBoostmoji

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