The Dream Team (July 16th 2014 - September 23rd 2014) was a group of OTers who deemed themselves as quality posters and the saviors of OT . Many OTers supported them and some opposed the Team. They sought to attack anyone they disliked. They had successfully gotten several OTers to quit OT [ClaraTheDragonBorn , Akrylix (Then he came back) ] Around September the group was facing complications, One of these were that some members disliked several OTers and while other members of the team did not by the 17th of September, The two groups separated, One went to the Mighty Spank Force while the others went to teh pwnerers, The Dream Team was dissolving, They disbanded September 23rd 2014 when the complications reached its peak.

Known Members

  • Shadow97
  • WinVariable
  • Taven2
  • Porcelains
  • Jumblebee5
  • RealSteveAustin
  • Zacmaq
  • JacquesMaritain
  • ZachHelms
  • Qwazola


  • The Dream Team only has 3 OTers who are active in OT. These are Zacmaq , RealSteveAustin and Jumblebee5
  • One of the members "WinVariable" was terminated due to being accused of asking PokemonEevee and iFloral for nudes during the Nick Weaver incident, He was believed to be Nick Weaver, After the incident was over. It was discovered he was framed. It is still unknown who framed him.

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