The Dress Raids were a complex group of raids on OT and Lemonde Airlines, the raids were started after an illusional picture of a white and gold dress being linked on RT. The thread gained around 40 replies, soon after it was deleted around 20 RT'ers decided to raid Lemonde Airlines while the other 10 raided Off Topic.


The conflagration was set off by a controversial picture of a while and gold dress being posted on Twitter, the picture went viral almost immediately and it gained prominent attention on ROBLOX Talk.

Lemonde Airlines are attacked

A flight was to be held at Lemonde Airlines's new airport, around 10 people were at the server when the RT'ers attacked. Each one had black skin and an Anarchy t-shirt on their avatar, they began spamming: "I REALLY REALLY REALLY LIKE THIS DRESS" and other quotes that gained popularity from Twitter.

No administrators were at the place at the time, RT'ers continued to cause trouble until the airport's owner; Mrlemonde23 arrived and shut down the server, RT'ers rejoined and around 4 of them managed to noclip through the wall and steal planes. One RT'er found an admin giver on the top of the airport, everybody then received Btools and began to delete the airport while RT'ers crashed planes.

Mrlemonde then shut the server and the place, RT'ers celebrated by beginning to raid OT.

OT gets spammed

The dress gained a small amount of popularity before the RT'ers attacked, and was controllable.

RT'ers then began to spam OT with the same quotes from the Lemonde Airlines raid, OT retaliated and began spamming RT. Around 3 hours in the war a server was hosted with around 14 OT'ers and 14 RT'ers, RT lost the battle and OT won it. But the spam was still being posted.

OT'ers then began to turn against their own and spam with RT, there was a massive backfire from this with RT'ers getting mad over a coalition with OT.

Mods calm down the situation

Moderators became active after around 5 hours, they began deleting posts relevant to the raids and the original raid post itself. 3 unknown RT'ers were banned for inducing a fight and 1 OT'er was banned for posting inappropriate ASCII art.

The raids restarted around two hours later by a small flame about C&G, but the tensions loosened and the raids ended

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