The Gift of OT Raid was a successful raid on Lemonde Airlines's Jena International Airport. OT'ers entered the server at 9:25am PST after plotting how it would go down.

It is called The Gift of OT because it was a raid on a server the day before Christmas Eve.


Samiam2001 posted a thread on OT for a raid on a low-quality airport, managing to rack up around 10 people that were willing to raid the game in 5 minutes.

OT'ers began to infiltrate the server around 9:25am, acting casual and attracting no attention from the admins.


When 10 more OT'ers entered the server, the owner, MrLemonde23 was alerted about the growing amount of players that were entering the game. None of the OT'ers were confirmed to be in the group therefor one of the admins requested for all in-game players to join Lemonde Airlines.

People then began to spam the chat with 9/11 jokes, ISIS jokes and other aircraft-related humor which the admins didn't take seriously. OT'ers then crowded the security gates trying to get through them, MrLemonde then opened the gates and all of the players crowded through them.

After 5 minutes, IIIIIIIIII and a few other OT'ers entered the server and used Client hacking to destroy and leave a gaping hole in the airport, even destroying a plane OT was boarding. One player managed to get their hands on an aircraft and crashed it into the second floor of the terminal. The players were then respawned.

The server was shutdown but OT'ers joined the next server and started to wreck more havoc. The hackers soon rejoined and left another hole in the airport while destroying aircraft, one of the admins then froze everyone to find the perpetrator but he was unsuccessful.

End of Raid

The hackers began to speedhack to get to the hangars faster, but MrLemonde deleted the aircraft respawns. One of the OT'ers was able to respawn all the planes and crashed them into the Control Tower and Terminal, the server was about to give out with the amount of lag.

The admins then respawned everyone, shut the server down and they started a 3rd server with stricter security. The raiders rejoined and spammed the chat, IIIIIIIIII and 67thave destroyed the airport again and gave a couple of OT'ers Btools. MrLemonde then shut down the server for the last time.


After the raid, MrLemonde shutdown all the servers and removed the airport from his active game list. 10 minutes after, he released a small message to the group.

I deeply apologize for the appalling acts that occured on today's flight, I have immediately called for all flights that have been scheduled to be canceled until further notice. I cannot risk the same people arriving and destroying it, all group events are grounded till the new year, I am very sorry and I WILL find those responsible


The raid is considered a success among OT'ers, and a brilliant end to all of 2014's raids. For the next few weeks, OTers continually raided the airport, sometimes with gimmicks such as protesting.

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