The Great Tiger War of 2014 was an OT Fad that started near the end of

June in 2014 involving roleplay in which a war/infection was occuring with Tigers with the humans fighting off them by using sleeping dust and apple juice, while many have joined it, including TheDemonticAngle, some have opposed it, such as OTSpookySkeletons. The user "Wrongbear" attempted to start a side called "The Bear Army" but failed.

Near the beginning of June 2015, OTDinosaur started the Tiger War of 2015. He made a thread claiming that he drank out of FloralTigress's water bowl and turned into a tiger. This got hundreds of OTers to roleplay that they were also infected or make cures. The thread is still deleted, though.

The Beginning

FloralTigress (millsbuddy), the person who begun the whole thing, said OT needed more tigers and linked everyone to an outfit so they could dress like a tiger, several OT'ers did it, and soon, the roleplaying had begun for the whole OT Fad

The RP Cure

In the entire RP, TBPMMW said that the cure to the tigers was to use apple juice. TrenchCoatangel said sleeping dust was also useful. He also spread the word about the apple juice and sleeping dust on them. Those who joined the RP had agree'd with Trench and TBP.

List of OT'ers who took part of the RP


  • TheDemonticAngle
  • Hearsay
  • Jman88s
  • FloralTigress (duh)
  • MrEpicRules
  • chasereedy
  • Clearest


  • Trenchcoatangel
  • TheChangerDB
  • OTDonnieIris
  • RichieFart
  • wrongbear
  • Afraidanna
  • Altgokujr
  • KingMoeThe2
  • jake13jake31

List of People who opposed the RP

  • OTSpookySkeletons
  • JacquesMaritain (Obviously)
  • bravo6whiskey
  • TBPMMW (ironically one of the people who took part of it for a while)
  • Most of the humans and tigers started to oppose it after a while
  • Robyxide
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