On November 3rd 2014, the infamous Loleris posted a thread to Off Topic, not realizing what he could have been getting himself into. Loleris had no idea that Off Topic was an entire community of hellish forumers, so he expected a bunch of innocent children to make maps for his not-yet-released (at the time) game, "Mad Paintball." He titled the thread "Mad Paintball - Map Making Guide" assuming that those who view it would use his guide to create maps for him to put into his game.

This thread escalated into a flamewar of OT vs Loleris himself, where numerous times Loleris admitted to dropping out of high school, blindly declined any possibility that any one of his games was not completely original, and went so far as to participate in flaming OTers back.

OTers such as iiMarshmalow sided with Loleris.

The OTer side against him during the heat of the flamewar (while Loleris still fought back) was primarily violetrock1, ColorfulBrendon, and XTGNecro.

For a large amount of time, it was merely Loleris replying as to why he chose to drop out of high school, claiming that being a ROBLOX Developer is supposedly a credit transferable to any job, and that his ability to code and design grew from using ROBLOX. The OT side was going light on him, saying that he truly has potential, but shouldn't be wasting it on unoriginal games.

Eventually, many of his fan-boys who were new to the forum started joining in, violetrock1 started responding to all of the cringe-worthy fan-boys, and ColorfulBrendon started debunking the originality of each one of Loleris's games. Loleris was pissed. He claimed that when making his game "Darkness" he had no idea that CloneTrooper1019 already had an identical game, that the well-known developer Ozzypig had made a Hunger Games based game after him, that "Intense Swordfighting" only took one day to make, and while he acknowledged that Nikilis was the first to make a Murder game, he decided to spit on him by saying that Mad Paintball was a literal upgrade of Murder Mystery, and that Murder Mystery was just full of bugs and lacking updates, crediting the original while insulting it and complimenting his own.'

When ColorfulBrendon said Loleris's games don't rely on originality as much as gimmicks to get people to play them and mindlessly sink all of their money into them, Loleris gave a reply that snidely agreed.


Tell that to Microsoft, Apple, Samsung, Lenovo, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google, etc.

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