NOTICE: The information can be seen below, but please be advised of what the information states below as it may be disturbing to some users.

On July 7, 2014, someone on OT discovered while watching The Next Level a pornographic site within JackSmirkingRevenge's history. The link to the Twitch video spread through ATR, RT, OT, LMAD, and C&G, and players created images of it on Imgur. The ROBLOX moderators eventually deleted the threads relating to the incident and removed the Twitch video from the twitch website. 

Despite the moderators removing threads related to the incident and banning players who brought it up, many on OT continued to make threads and discuss the incidence. OTers utilized many accounts, such as AdminConspitacy69 and 4dm1mc0nsp1r4cy69 (both made by Epicborn1337), to continue discussing the incident without reprimands of their primary accounts. The accounts were later deleted for the discussion. The incident is no longer discussed a lot on OT. 

Players Reprimanded from the Incident

  • Afraidanna - 3 days
  • Epicborn1337 - 1 day
  • AdminConspiracy69 - Deleted
  • 4dm1mc0nsp1r4cy69 - Deleted
  • Celihopter - 1 day
  • AdminsYouSoNasty - Deleted
  • Strikeout8 - Deleted
  • CatLikeThoughts - 3 day
  • TheCrazyRavioli - 7 days
  • odurpolice - Deleted
  • MastodonianTaco- 3 days
  • OfficialSlimShady - 7 days
  • fartyburp - 3 days
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