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The Frappe War started on August 22 2015 when frostblooper suggested that OT raids Frappe, a popular Starbucks-inspired group.

The first OTer to enter was bigman20043, an OT warrior, who was banned after he reportedly asked for 'A Chicken Nugget Shake'. He then entered five minutes afterwards with cheatengine, and bypassed the ban.

When the OTers entered Frappe's main place, a Frappe security member begun to loop kick/crash any OTers who entered. After conversations with one of Frappe's HRs, it was learned that they were debating whether to demote this security member; this is considered one of the first OT victories.

After this, all OT could talk about was frappe, this caused many OTers to go on and raid frappe, some of the popular trolling techniques were asking for "black coffee", which would cause newer employees to waste time trying to make it, and speaking in a different language.

Later on, Frappe started to ban popular OT groups, such as Lorax Security, from their place, despite many of the groups having minimal involvement on the earlier raid. This caused some OT groups to subsequently declare war on Frappe. This caused many raids to occur at Frappe.

The war ended when the president of Frappe asked Frostblooper to call of raids, Frost agreed, on the condition that they would give OT the win.

Major Incidents & Raids
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