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On Monday the 13th of July 2015 Off Topic user OTDinosaur hosted an OT party at his pretty successful Gravity Falls WIP, and one person decided to give the game a dislike, making it the only dislike on the game. OTDinosaur proceeded to blame OTer Tanlolol12345, as he had just said he didn't like the game. Disappointed, OTDinosaur made the game inactive, closing it for visitors. One OTer decided to make a thread about it, leading to the Off Topic community flaming and PA'ing OTDinosaur and mocking him, spamming mean comments on his game and insulting anyone who was standing up for him, including some of his favourite OTers who previously enjoyed his game, including CreepyWriter and REDIVIAN. An OTer named KingCamembert chose to hop on the bandwagon, unsurprising to OTDinosaur. The two had already hated eachother, since KingCamembert griefed OTDinosaur's base at a PBS party after OTDinosaur had worked on it for half an hour, leading to OTDinosaur to use the admin the owner gave him to spam infinity commands top repeatedly jail, ff and rocket KingCamembert, possibly to the point of giving him the Blue Screen of Death. Another OTer named JaegerJinaxi choose to be a keep the trend going about it and continue to flame OTDinosaur hours after it had died down, but OTDinosaur got the thread deleted.

While everybody was initially flaming OTDInosaur he chose to brush off the dislike and get over it, realising how immature and childish he was being, but OT didn't care so they continued to call him a loser, leading to OTDinosaur closing the game again and making a thread explaining why it was still closed. Some OTers chose to apologise while others continued to flame him. After these events OTDinosaur decided to move to RT and made a quitting thread explaining, leading to apologies from some OTers. OTDinosaur claims he will be in RT for a while, possibly never coming back. He went on to mention how last year he quit OT and moved to RT for about 3 months due to some OTers flaming him for unknown reasons.

OTDinosaur is currently trying to raise enough money to buy a namechange, possibly to RTDinosaur or something Gravity Falls related.

OTDinosaur has had his account deleted as of this update. (September 3rd 2016)

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