The OT Purge of 2014 began on the evening of July 2, 2014.

July 2 Incident

A C&G forumer leaked illegal pornographic photographs of an underage female, Katt4ever. Some OT forumers (ex. Hivebent using an alt called TheEpicMaster123) began to share the links to this photo, resulting in the bannings of various forumers on both C&G and OT. A total of five forumers were confirmed to be banned because of this incident. 

Fox News Rumor

Shortly after the incident, a OT'er made a post saying that the incident that recently occurred was addressed on the Fox News channel. No proof was given by the OP, and, upon searching Fox News, there is no content related to the incident.

C&G Raid

In the morning of 7/3/14, C&G declared to migrate to LMaD, but they failed on trying to take over LMaD. They attempted to raid OT but caused a massive war against OT and C&G. Many people went on OT and C&G to say HEIL OT (specifically obeyswaginsidejob), C&G RULES YOU, etc. C&G finally decided to make a RCL to end the flame war. OT won the OT purge, since C&G failed to take over LMaD, OT, and RT. LMaD won the RCL and started bragging about on OT and C&G.

This is a thread telling that OT lost the RCL: OT was red, and C&G was blue. Like any C&G'er, they would brag about how they won a RCL, but when OTers saw the score of OT with C&G they where shocked. The score of OT vs C&G RCL can be found here:

July the 13th incident

The July the 13th incident was a small scandal in which users were tricked into following a link which was apparently a selfie with a user and her friends, but was actually a nude picture of 3 Asian underage girls

A total of 3 people were confirmed to be banned

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