The Otaku Raid was a co-ordinated raid on OT by a group of C&G'ers, the raid involved several clan members posting a thread titled: "Otaku Highschool Academy Enrollment Roleplay Sheet". Due to the stealth and lack of warning, OT was unable to attack the threads directly. Some OT'ers seeked refuge in RT by trying to fit in, however RT'ers immediately noticed and trolled them to the point of leaving.

The Thread

"Name: Lion Heart

Theme Song:

Gender: Male

Hair: Long Flowing Golden hair with a golden beard giving off a mane like image.

Eyes: Red Slitted pupils in a Pure Gold Iris.

Appearance: Large Strong Body Covered with fur all around, mane, Large canines and Claws.

Personality: Outgoing and Fun, A Severe Superiority complex due to being invincible, In Battle, His mere image brings fear into his enemies and relief into his allies.

Weapons and Abilities, Wielder of The Legendary Excalibur, He has command over all nature and light and has an army of animals, Forest beings, men and elves. His main abilities are his unmatchable speed, Stamina and Strength. He has control over light and make it solidify to make a destructive tool. and His most feared ability is to Control the will of any who he wishes.

Backstory: His parents were cruelcted the great Spirit of Light To destroy darkness in return for the power given to him."

This example was posted by Lionbaita.

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