Before the Raychel Incident

Before, Raychel1010 posted "Why do I get hate on my forums?" This caused lots of backlash from OT. Soon, two girls had came. One of them was baconlover101 and the other was Neiaa. Neiaa had insulted NineNyan9, calling him a black slave. This had later caused a feud that continued for months after, with several group raids.

The Raychel Incident

NineNyan9 was very bored. He wanted to look and find out more about Raychel1010. A video popped up, showing her at a ROBLOX dance party. It was the perfect way to get some laughs. Then, OT went crazy. Later, Jumblebee was able to find her video of her in real life. Soon, many people had changed from amused to annoyed. A massive war happened, and IDtalk, Skellor, and Litemare got angry 

After the Raychel Incident

NineNyan9 and Raychel both realized that they were being bullied. So they started an alliance together, and are still mutual. Some people had started attacking NineNyan9. However, he had apologized to OT and Raychel. Neiaa, on the other hand, hated NineNyan9 months after the incident. IDtalk had despised him for doing this, and still does. She occasionally bumped the thread, but NineNyan9 did not remind her of the Bunny incident. Skellor was mad about this too.

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