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The Rebucks Raid was an OT raid against the online site "Rebucks", done after many OT'ers were sick of a guy advertising said site, and wanted to take action against the site 


A parody trailer for the site by boynedmaster


Sometime in 2013/2012, a guy spammed two advertisements for a site called "Rebucks", often labeled as a ROBLOX ripoff by others, the third time it was advertised, the raiding begun from OT

The Raid

The raid consisted of spamming the forums with swear words, pornography, and gore on fake accounts, someone also supposedly performed a Denial of Service (DDoS) attack on Rebucks, all of this had accomplished the goal of taking down the site, one person also breached Rebucks security, and caused it infringements and illegal stuff


The site went down after that, and the advertiser was supposedly Poison Banned or IP Banned from ROBLOX, and nowadays, the rebucks domain isn't the original site, but instead, a generic "domain for sale" site, and to top it all off, the "official" twitter hasn't been active since August 2013.

Extra Stuff

If you want, here's rebucks at it's current state, a generic "domain for sale" site

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