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The Scalie Skype Group is a (mostly defunct) group in Skype consisting of the users Aardbeien, XanthicDragon, DansbyKerman, TheCatsFromCompton, Super79mario, Dreamlike, MyFirstName, Millsbuddy/FloralTigress and formerly DominusFeline and deinemutti360. The group was originally created after TheCatsFromCompton created a thread (now deleted) where she confessed to feeling attracted to Smaug, from the 2013 film "The Hobbit". After finding out she shared her opinions with Aardbeien and FloralTigress, they created a skype group.

Although the group was originally created for the discussion of dragons and their dicks and vaginas, the group is now mostly used for off-topic chat. What goes on in the depths of this Skype group should probably stay unknown, although strange things are known to happen at night.

The group is now mostly inactive, and its current administrator is not actually an OTer.


Somewhere around the end of June, DominusFeline was banished for "being a shitsack".

On July 20th, 2015 a post on instagram was made claiming that TheCatsFromCompton is actually male and has catfished many people before. In response, Millsbuddy/FloralTigress left the group. She came back later, however.

On July 21th, 2015 deinemutti360 left the group because the lag when he started up his laptop (from sometimes over 3k messages) got on his nerves.

As of 2016 the group has been moved to Discord from Skype. The group has mostly disbanded and is very inactive, although its individual members are still in contact sometimes. Members of the group still active on OT are Aardbeien and Dreamlike, with sporadic activity from Super79mario and Millsbuddy.

The Skype group is also associated with the ROBLOX group Scalies of Robloxia.

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