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On 6/18/2015, the group Starbucks changed their description to say that the group "gives full credit to Starbucks." OT concluded that since the group had added a copyright symbol when the group was first made, they could ultimately be terminated. An offsite link leading to the Starbucks website was also added into the group's description, which caused OT to mass report the group. Cyrogenix, owner of the group, made a link to a thread he posted to defend himself and the group.

Many people that replied to the thread posted by Cyrogenix said that the call had been fake; however, some people had been with Cyrogenix during the call, so in conclusion, they supported him.

Other OTers had apparently contacted Starbucks, which was returned with a response saying the company would look into it.

To add insult to injury, TheVideoGamePlayer recieved a message about how dissapointed Starbucks was in his major acts in the groups termination after the description incident. TheVideoGamePlayer was considered a key leader in the events involving the group.


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