The Tappier Army is a group started by Joe11Joe99 based around the idea that Tappier is the creator of the universe and that the universe was created in a bathtub with lots of 'bubbles'. The Tappier Army is also a small government focused around the religion of Tappierthiesm. As the name implies, the Tappier Army is Tappier's personal army. Though they mainly fight for Tappier. They also fight for OT.

CRS100 is controversial because he had created the Tappier Army's first enemy group but yet he was also one of the first people to join the group. He was in the Tappier Council for a long time before he had created the IVIanism group, after which he was moved into the new IVIanism rank.

Bulba Empire

The Bulba Empire was originally an ally with the Tappier Army until it was discovered that they were trying to destroy other OT clans. The Tappier Army raided the Bulba Empire but we had 'lost' after a set time limit was up and after the enemies had used animistrator commands. Communcation with the Bulba Empire has been cut and the Tappier Army was neutral towards them, but due to some strategy, they have been allied with the Bulba Empire.


The group is mainly considered to have fallen apart after the termination of Tappier and his stating that he will quit OT.

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