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On July 29th, 2014, OTer badfitz100 (badfitz99) leaked photos of a skype conversation between iFloral and someone who was thought to be Winvariable (who was later found out to not be Winvariable) , with him demanding for nudes. You can find these photos below the Gallery.

The Longer Main Idea

It was a normal day in OT, everything was just normal and stuff. Then, badfitz99 uploaded some photos to twitter that basically shows that people are hating on Winvariable. All of them are skype convrsations.

So photo number 1 shows a conversation on skype between Nick Weaver (pretending to be Winvariable) and iFloral. Nick Weaver is saying "I promise it won't be leaked. Think about that charges I could get."

iFloral simply replies with "what"

Then, Nick says "Rub yourself or go shirtless or something."

iFloral then replies with "oh my god im not doing that"

Then, we continue to Photo number 2. Photo number 2 shows iFloral talking to Badfitz99. All of the messages are from iFloral.

iFloral says "okok

oh and when he was going to leave


Then we move on to Photo number 3. It's mixed between messages from Badfitz and iFloral.

iFloral says " its gross and weird

they sent me a message on skype"

Badfitz says "was it erik"

iFloral replies with "no

he called me hot"

Badfitz says "who was it"

iFloral replies "and

asked me for nudes

typicalwhitedude but its a alt

heres what he said

"Girl change your pic. You're good looking."

"If I had the chance I'd get you to do something XD"

"You need to do something for me XD""

Photo 4 continues that conversation

iFloral continues with "then goes on saying I want to see ur ass"

Badfitz replies with "report him"

iFloral says "ok but it gets weirder

he gets mad

for me not showing a nude

then "forces me"

saying "do it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

"I'm done. I'm getting really f-cking pissed"

"But you'll be a slut IRL."

"You'll look like a f-cking twig."

Badfitz says "report him[2]

iFloral replies "okok"

Photo 5 is a PM conversation between Badfitz and SlingshotJunkie.


Photo number 1:

Photo number 2:

Photo number 3:

PM Conversation (or Photo number 4):

Photo number 5:

Photo number 6:

(all tweets are deleted)

Other stuff

EminentDoom makes a suggestion to WinVariable (deleted, but he needs black jesus and to go to black confession):

MrDupple made a joke account about WinVariable:

It has been confirmed that it was actually a guy named NickKirk, and not WinVariable.

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