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roblox3030303 Suicide Incident occurred on the night of August 10, 2015 when a 9 year old girl posted a link to her YouTube channel and was promptly flamed for it.

The Original Post

The incident started when a 9 year old girl known as roblox3030303 posted an advertisement to her YouTube channel and web show "TheAubreyAndBrianna Show" (for those of you curious, she was Aubrey). Shortly afterward, people began to flame her for it and the thread was eventually taken down.

The Suicide Threat

After about 30 minutes of flaming, roblox3030303 posted a thread where she said that she no longer wanted to live. While some OTers rejoiced, others posted in defense of the girl, citing that she was just 9 years old and didn't deserve it.

Migration to RT

Because of the incident, many OTers announced they were moving to RT/LMAD. These OTers include:

  • sparkofregret moved to LMaD until he saw the threat was over, he is also known there too.

Rumors about OT being deleted

Shortly after the girl logged out, rumors spread through OT about the mods deleted the subforum. However, those rumors were proven wrong.

She was also DDOS'ed for a few hours after the incident.

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