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  • 1: Starting off
  • 2: Orbing
  • 3: OTing
  • 3.1: Incidents thecoolweapon4 got involved in
  • 4: Alternate accounts

Starting off

Thecoolweapon4 started off as being a guest in 2010. He found out about roblox from a kid his brother knew. However, in 2011 he stopped playing for a while after getting mad at a game. He hadn't gone on roblox until march of 2012 when his brother made the account of Bonebreaker973 which they shared up to august when Thecoolweapon4 was made.


There was a time on his time on roblox which was somewhat put to waste, and that was because of orbing. What orbing basically was was making adventure games that make it look like it was made by a 7 year old (basically being a tinfoilbot rip off). Not only that there was a community of these guys which thecool tried to join in with in late 2014. He met a couple of friends while doing it, however the popular orbers treated him like scum. This made thecoolweapon to go on a hate spree on them. While doing this, many hate places were made of him, including one which currently has 80 favorites as seen here:


OTing was one thing thecoolweapon4 did durring his hate spree on the orbers. In fact, this is what got him to move on to more productive things. He became pretty known (yet not talked about) OTer. He was often seen as a cringeworthy OTer to others such as FoxerzXD and dj_shadow, however some OTers think he's decent. Although he's never been the main attention durring an incident (or drama bs), he has contributed to some by making threads about it. However as of May 26, he seems to have moved more to RTing

Alternate Accounts

As most people know, foruming can get you into trouble with the moderators in which it's important you need alternate accounts. Thecool's alternate accounts are listed here:

hiimaguy973: Main alt

DankThePass: Secondary alt

Dank_Plus: Third alt

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