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Thirstylink is an OTer since 2007. Noted as an on-and-off forumer that visits OT on occasions. He has been regarded as a quality poster with good topics threads and witty replies to other threads. He has a heightened sense of creativity when it comes to posting in general. He did not cause much trouble in the forums instead tackled many OT situations logically. He posted most frequently in 2008 and late into 2009.

First Account: Thirstylink

"Thirstylink" was regarded as a well-known OTer smart enough to navigate his way through the forums. He dawned a Bighead coupled with a Headrow. One notable thread he has is Team Disaster (an OT parody) where he featured many OTers (Himself, Spartan118, Jimbobucky, and Windgecko) at the time. In 2010, he took a break from OT after being terminated reaching a post count of 8242.

Second Account: knilytsrihT

His second account: "knilytsrihT" (Thirstylink backwards) returned to post frequently from 2012 to 2013. He simply dawned a "Content Pending" question mark on his shirt. He took up the signature "Spacecrabs :U" where he wrote it manually on most of his posts. It was regarded as one of the best signatures on OT and recieved some recognition through it. The account was terminated in 2013 reaching a post count of 9561.

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