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Times_Zero is a retired British OT'er, he is usually foruming in OT, TS&I, VGR, and the RP'ing subforum. IRL, He likes trains and is a fan of WWE.

Times_Zero is a noticeable RN&D'er, he became famous accidentally after making the last known RN&D post on December 4th 2017.

Timeline through ROBLOX

Times_Zero joined ROBLOX in April 2011 under the username camperboy7890, he would cuss a lot on ROBLOX causing him to get reminders and warnings several times. In June 2011 he was banned for 7 days when he threatened to rape someone because he wouldn't reopen his favorite place.

Eventually in November 2012 he gave himself privacy mode. This mean't everything he typed in would be hashtagged. He made Taximan74 in April 2013 and use it as a temporary main account for the next 3 years. In 2014, he thought on how to get a account terminated easily. So he made tryingtogetpermaban. In April 2015, He uploaded a inappropriate image and that did the trick. Unfortunately this got Taximan74 terminated.

He made Misterrobloxian74. At this time. There was only 8 months to go until Outrageous turned 13. In September 2015, Outrageous lost the password to MrRobloxian74 but got OBC for camper and came back to his main.

Despite privacy mode he settled back in. In October the OBC was upgraded to annual OBC. Plus camperboys username was changed to TheOutrageousBoy. Then he removed the privacy settings. Before the username change and privacy mode settings he joined OT in late October 2015 under the camperboy name in a computer based thread. TheOutrageousBoy used to go on raids such as a F.E.A.R which his team was unsuccessful in winning and the December 18th 2015 ASA Livestream raids. He also used to get involved in OT Party's

Nowadays Times_ Zero mainly sits in OT and replies and makes threads. He no longer goes on OT raids or parties unless he wants to or not.

On April 22nd 2017, after hitting the 10K milestone, he changed his username to Times_Zero.

On July 14th 2017, Times_Zero said due to the subforum removal crisis, he is considering retiring from foruming unless he can fit into the new forums. When the update went through on July 27th 2017. Times_Zero said he is retiring.

On December 4th 2017, Times_Zero made a post on why ROBLOX gets sponsored events that sometimes have no game. Soon after, the RN&D forum became read only, and Times_Zero received praise for getting the last post.

Foruming Milestones

1K Posts: December 2015

2K Posts: February 2016

3K, April 5th 2016

4K Posts July 4th 2016

5K Posts, End of August 2016

6K, Mid-September 2016

7K, October 2016

8K, November-December 2016?

9K (Possibly?) March 2017

10K April 22nd 2017

11K May-June 2017

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