Tingletron2000 is a user who has been using the Off Topic forum for about one year, as of 2014. Though he is not a self-proclaimed OTer, he does participate there often.


Tingletron2000 is a fan of Nintendo, cartoon art, history, fantasy, science, and science fiction. Some of this can be seen through his avatar and username, hence the Star Trek "red shirt", the Lord of the Rings-inspired wizard hat and beard, the mini Abraham Lincoln figure on his head, and his "artist headphones", which he won in the 2013 ROBLOX fan-art contest, the drawing of which can be seen in the ROBLOX Blog. His username is derived from the Nintendo character Tingle, and robots. His favorite animal is the tardigrade.

Tingletron2000 is easily annoyed by several things, most prominently ODers (or Online Daters), "clanscrubs", and the Popular section of the Games page on ROBLOX. He is likely to engage in flame wars or rants regarding these topics. He also dislikes texting slang, post count milestone threads, e-beggars, and emoticons.


Tingletron2000's threads generally consist of him pointing out and making fun of things that he thinks are stupid.

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