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Tnt91 is an OTer that is well known for being one of the "most loved OTers", as well as one of the "most hated OTers" on OT, mainly for his thread's subjects. He minimods too. Although he is disliked by the OT community, he still frequents OT from time to time, however he is now mostly seen in LMaD. Fans say that the haters are jealous of his "swag." He also likes My Little Pony.

He would also say "no offense xd" at the end of many of his posts.


Tnt91 joined ROBLOX in August 14th 2008 and eventually became a disliked OTer. He also gained more hate being a minimod, which almost everyone in the ROBLOX forums hates. Tnt91 was the only OTer to have the Rainbow Shaggy before selling it. After selling that hat, he baited OT because he had no more "swag".


In late 2012 to early 2013, tnt91 started trolling OT. He trolled OT by minimodding. This gathered him a lot of hate, and users would reply to him to keep him reporting the person to himself, and tnt would reply saying that the person needs to know what what they are doing is breaking the rules, probably so they don't make a thread raging about it and say that it is unfair.

Rainbow Shaggy

Tnt91 was the only user known to have the Rainbow Shaggy in OT. Fans would also say to the haters that they are jealous of his "swaggy Rainbow Shaggy". Eventually, he sold it and no longer owned it. But he got his Rainbow Shaggy hat back, as made evident by his current ROBLOX avatar.

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