Tonitrua joined ROBLOX in 2009, but didn't join OT until 2010. He posted for a tiny bit until he left. In 2011, he started to post on RT for a year or so before going back and staying with OT in 2012.

He is an on and off OT'er as he posts occasionally. Currently he switches between posting on S&I and OT. He does not post everyday, so this makes him not a very well known OT'er.

He is an average OT'er and a brony. He doesn't really share it, but you can check his groups to see that he is in an MLP group. He doesn't crap post or minimod. He also uses good grammar 95% of the time. All of this gives him a neutral reputation on OT.

He is known as the 'Thunder God' of OT, because of his forum signature.

He still posts occasionally as of 2015, so technically he is still active.

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