Trax lamp

traxxasnick started on the forums of October 2015 as an ATRer, his first post was a suggestion to do a "Throwback Thursday" on a certain day, he did make a tl;dr post tho. One hour later, he has supporters in his thread and he was happy about it to see. He joined OT in November 18th, 2015.

Insert your quote here

"He cannot stop wearing that lampshade." ~Duckpuck96

"You didn't burn rubber, you burnt the clutch instead!" ~traxxasnick


Trax studio


• 14 years of age

• Has 2 bikes

• Owns a 27 year-old 4.5 inch B/W TV

• Enjoys playing gmod

• He owns a Playstation 2

• His real name is Nick

• He likes things aesthetic around his messy desk

• His Windows 7 doesn't have a product key

His friends he knows of irl

• AmericanScab

• BeastieBoyz199

• blackrider557

• CaoticRainbow123

• EliteFlyingSquirrels

• damuffinking33

• EzraBridger12234

• TrazhDaddy2000

The move to RT of Friday the 13th

He's had enough of OT, he decided to pack up all of his stuff and move to RT for a long time. A few of his OTers want him back, he declines it and moves on until he decides to go back.

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