Trelicona, is a forumer from both RT and OT, Joined in 2011, She was highly controversial in RT because people thought she was an alt of Trelicon, The account she based her name from, In OT she is controversial for being OT's majestic ruler and queen. She was a troll. And left ROBLOX in 2011, However in May 31st 2015. She was first spotted in ROBLOX Top Model, Where OT was trolling the people there. Then she left and made an appearance in Lettered's Minigame Mania copy, Where she spammed being Queen of OT, Some OTers said she wasn't but she would reply with "I'm queen and you crumbmaking minions don't get to make the decisions around here". She made a cameo appearance in another OT party.


  • Though he Is not highly remembered in OT, as a majority of the 2011 OTers are gone or are still in OT but inactive,

However much of RT remembers her as "The Troll who Roamed the streets of OT and RT"

  • She is in Nyan Cat groups and in 2011 Many OTers such as Fastlane250 said she was a good OTer as well as OTers , NoobInYoMamasFace , Giroom , Thatsawesome and Bawbby
  • In her blurb she announces that her name means:

Trelicona (noun) - A kind and best person in ROBLOX. Is also the Queen of Off Topic. Love to be made Queen.

Trelicona (Verb) - Also can be called Troll or "Trollicana".

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