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Tulpae are basically sentient imaginary friends. They are seen in small numbers on OT, with thier most notable member being FloralTigress. Tulpamancy was originally brought to RT by millsbuddy, then the thread was moved to OT, where others adopted the practice and began making tulpae. Tulpa-related topics often gain a lot of diversity; For example, some think they aren't real. Others chat about them and what is possible, etc. Many troll threads have been made relating to Tulpae.


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Tulpamancing Terma

  • Wonderland (Paracosm) - A place in someone's mind where they imagine their tulpae, like a special world. br0b once jokingly called them "Tulpastans".
  • Forcing - The act of speaking to your tulpa. Such can be done Inactively or actively. Active forcing requires Visualization and constant speech, while inactive is just a sentence every once and a while.
  • Tulpa - A sentient imaginary being.
  • Tulpamancer/Host - A person who has created a Tulpa.
  • Posession - The act of both Tulpamancer and Tulpa working together to give movement abilities to the Tulpa.
  • Switching - The act of switching places with your Tulpa.
  • Imposition - Imagining an image of your tulpa into the real world in order to force.
  • Projection - Associating your tulpa with an irl item, e.g. a plush, in order to make visualization easier.
  • Streaming - A tulpa sending an image via mind to their host or vice versa.

Known alts of tulpamancers

  • FloralTigress - Tulpa to millsbuddy.
  • ElysianFields - Tulpa to millsbuddy.
  • UgguWaffles - Tulpa to nebuulae


  • millsbuddy
  • Kyuro*
  • tyzone
  • Pit12
  • XJCLW*
  • Mario620*
  • qdhxx (can confirm he's still at it -EXTREMEKORKSCREW)
  • OraiuTheViperfish*
  • Diamondsword299*
  • nebuulae

( * = These users are ranked as "Creating a Tulpa" in the official group )



Official Group

Discussion Thread


Tulpa Forums

Tulpa Subreddit


  • The original Tulpamancy thread was posted on RT, but was moved to OT.
  • There is a whole group for Tulpamancy, as well as a thread.
  • There are currently 10 Tulpamancers on ROBLOX who have joined the group.

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