UnknownShipper2 is the second account of UnknownShipper. Which was terminated in the Summer of 2016. His
Unknownshipper had over 3k post count before being deleted. Unknownshipper2's current post count is over 1k. He created fake alternate accounts in the past. But the names of those have not been disclosed yet.


  • UnknownShipper2 is in love with Hamilton. The musical and person.
  • Unknownshipper2 wears both gender clothing, but is a transmale.
  • Unknown once posted a thread when he was extremely depressed about how he was going to kill himself.
  • Unknownshipper2 does not favor or hate any OTers
  • UnknownShipper2 said it himself that when depressed people are called "emo" really pisses him off.


Unknownshipper2 has been recently personal attacked by the "Emos are Idiots" guy because of his suicide thread.

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