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Vanillolita is an OTer who is semi well-known for his posts that vary from daily life to topics that are currently popular. Though someone who often criticizes people for getting in flamewars, Vanillolita often will get into an argument over stupid topics. He's been known to get into a debate over: feminism, LGBT rights, music, and people. He is very easily baited.


Vanillolita is known to make many nonsensical and fairly unimportant threads. Other than that, his posts are can range from being kind to being mean, depending on who exactly if hes responding to. He is generally carefree, but at times he can purposefully be offensive and rude.

Most people mistake Vanillolita for a girl at first. He does not mind this, but will correct someone if the situation is brought up.

Name reset

Vanillolita's username was reset because his name was considered inappropriate. He made a new account, named cultist1.



  • TBA


  • "being alive i'm collapsing inwardly"


  • nebulying
  • chocololita
  • skellolita

Previous Accounts

  • andrewmack (2009)
  • xxshotaxx (2013)
  • candiecastle

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