Veggieburrito is a user who joined ROBLOX in 2009.



Not much is known about Veggieburrito's history, not even by Veggieburrito himself. To him, "the whole first year was one big blur". However, he has reported that he was a fan of Kinglime, and one of his most played games was his Elemental War. He also mentioned that among the first games he played was something he recalls as "Alternative Energy Tycoon".

Early OTing

Veggieburrito has admitted that his earliest times in OT and on the forums were filled with him being a "noob". He had frequent, fruitless debates with many people others had identified as trolls back then, although during more recent visits he's entered friendly terms with most of them. You can ask him if you want to know who these people are, however all but one of the ones he can remember are still active.


Veggieburrito went on a hiatus not just from the forums but from ROBLOX itself for a time. The exact timeframe is unknown, but the estimated timeframe is 2011-2013. It's unknown what was being done during those times.

Recent OTing

After his return, Veggieburrito returned to OT, however until recently he has not been very active. Nowadays, most of his posts are starting OT parties, typically to Place Roulette. If you want to find him, he's often playing some of the better games on the main page. Most recently, it has been the Quarry.

How Veggieburrito looks as of November 23rd, 2014. His outfits change frequently, but unusual hat combinations and arm replacements are often seen.

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