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 She is an Iranian OTer from Tehran. She was previously known as Pft479, but started using Venomousfox after posting a locked thread informing people; the thread was linked on her profile status for a while. Posts on that account were sarcastic posts and baits.

The account was deleted after about three months of use, due to a post that was intended to be a joke but was taken seriously. She then begun using the acoount Poisonousbeauty, deleted.. She used it for around a month, but was usually banned and on other accounts. A few of her older posts were massreported by Ragebull/Randcomo. See screenshot here .  

She posts very rarely since that, but if she does post it will be on an account named Relinque. You can find and contact her through her Twitter, @Venomousfox.


  • Pft479 - First ever account, inactive.
  • Venomousfox - Deleted
  • Ningosin - Mass reported to a deletion, appeal was rejected.
  • Foxgloveflower - Mass reported to a deletion, appeal was rejected, too.
  • Flutterbae - This was an alter ego until Petrikov/Mahantakah revealed that Venomous owned the account.
  • Poisonousbeauty - Deleted.
  • PomegranateBloom
  • Relinque

There are some unused accounts, too. 


She's usually friendly and has made some very good friends since the beginning of her foruming days. However, some people dislike her because of the baits she's posted. As mentioned before, she is Iranian and lives in Tehran, the capital of Iran. She likes Ravens and crows and listens to symphonic metal. She has mentioned some of her favorite artists, like Tarja and Manuela Kraller. One of her unused accounts is named ManuelaKraller, after the artist she likes. 

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