Venture0n is an OT'er who joined on June 21, 2014 and currently has over 5,000 forum posts as of June 10, 2015. He mainly posts on OT, as well as RT. Venture0n is also proud to be a trashposter (someone who posts garbage and doesn't put it in the garbage can). He claims that he is very MLG and is also a memer (someone who posts overrated memes all over the already carnage-filled internet). MLG is his social life. He is also in the little Faze Clan for ugly noscopers.

"Do the Mario!" is Venture0n's little "jig". He even claimed after the destruction-filled Second Tiger War that it was a war-cry, as many were battling for supremacy of tigers or humans.]

He joined OT in the February of 2015 (specific date unknown) as an inexperienced forum guy and often got into many flame-wars. However as his post-count grew, he became a more respectable dude in Off Topic. As previously mentioned, he is a trashposter, but it is unclear even to him whether his trashposting was worse or better, or just about the same.

April was Venture0n's month where he got the most out of his post-count. It was the month he hit 3K, 4K, and almost 5K. He doesn't post very fast, but at least he has a quite steady balance on his forum post timing. He posts regularly, and is also an active OT'er. And that makes him very cool ugly.

Venture0n's Attempted Bandwagon, June 9, 2015

With the carnage of the Second Tiger War (or the Great Tiger War of 2015) Venture0n decided to take place in it by not fighting. Instead, he started the "Do the Mario!" from the Super Mario Bros. Super Show!, a show from 1989. It didn't receive much attention because of the war that almost every OT'er online fought. He spammed it across OT as it didn't cause much damage (wasn't intended) to OT. It starts(ed) again on June 11th, 2015.

Additional Information:

  • Favorite war to study irl is the American Civil War (1861-1865)
  • Owns a retro Atari 800 XL home computer from 1983
  • Favorite state in the U.S. is Pennsylvania
  • Every time he eats a Milky Way chocolate bar, he destroys a galaxy
  • He also draws, but never posted a picture for OT to despise

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