*points to dungeon* and this is where we paddy whack

–-Vespucius, signature


Vespucius (Jon) was a former poster on OT as well as an '09er. He has since 2016 quit OT.

Jon held a semi-famous reputation on OT, as a person who would be recognized but still not quite at a high level of fame. Most of his posts would be sarcasm or informational. He has rarely been in an argument in OT, and would be seen as either a regular or good OTer.

Roblox and OT

Jon first joined ROBLOX in October of 2009 as his first name. This account was short lived however, and has moved multiple accounts during this time. Most of these account changes were due to the shitty names he came up with. Jon eventually settled with HawkBoi351, an account he made in 2013 after he forgot the password to his old account.

The oldest known post on HawkBoi351 was in April 2013, when he asked for advice on the Off Topic forum. In late April 2013, he joined Faceblox, a heavily criticized website created by Jared Valdez, a controversial user on ROBLOX. He was even deleted on ROBLOX due to the creation of this website.

It was unknown when Jon started to really become involved in OT, but his posting started becoming prevalent around late 2013. In March of 2014, HawkBoi was deleted for inappropriate posts (guides for terrorism). In that same month, he made Androclus, based on the Greek legend.

Jon became tired with this account, and made Vespucius, which was based on a Latin name he found on a website.

In early June of 2014, Faceblox lost it's monthly funding and was closed. The close was later confirmed a few months later by Jared Valdez himself. This has lead Jon to posting on OT more often and sometimes for the majority of his day. By this time he had stopped going to places, and only went onto ROBLOX for the forums.

On September 2, 2015, Vespucius was deleted at exactly 2:31:06 AM PST. Jon then received his account back after appealing.

In January of 2016, after a 3-week long vacation in the Philippines, Jon announced that he was quitting OT. The announcement was not well received, though. On May 28, 2016 he quit Twitter.

After OT

After OT, Jon has improved several aspects of his life, specifically social. When on the internet, he can be seen browsing Reddit or on Steam.


Jon has over the summer broke into his school multiple times for his and OT's enjoyment. During the trips, he would tape papers with submitted images or text. The threads gained temporary traction, and some OTers recognized him as 'the guy who broke in his school' for a while.

During the time a supposed keylogging website was going around the forums, Jon posted the link to it, which got him a temporary ban. Jon complained about his ban, which lead to MrDoomBringer intervening.

Despite his uncontroversial nature in the ROBLOX forums, he had a highly aggressive nature on Faceblox, which has, along with OT, contributed to his current personality. He was highly famous on Faceblox, due to it being a small community. He was even part of moderation for a period of time. Jon was also doxxed by a Faceblox user.

Jon has also written fanfiction based around various OTers.


  • Jon is often mistaken as Vietnamese or Korean
  • According to the MBTI test, he has an INTP personality.


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