Ville_Viking is a silly forum alt made by Jonna2004.

Ville_Viking was originally a namesnipe of Jonna2004, based on the mascot of the Viking Line ships , which run through Helsinki-Stockholm-Tallinn

He is often used to forum , making silly sailor cat-related posts.

Exceptions can made on its posts when Jonna2004 has gotten all her 4 verified accounts banned.

Examples of its posts :

The account's siggy is "The Sailor Cat Of OT | Helsinki-Tallinn"

Fun facts :

Jonna2004 spent about 80 robux on the alt.

Jonna2004 only made this alt to see if she can see how much people will try to affect her favourite childhood mascot.

Ville_Viking is one of Jonna2004's most used alts, besides Jonna2004badged.

Jonna2004 uses full grammar on the alt (exceptions can be made if shes gotten all of her 4 verified alts banned.)

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