Vriiskaa joined ROBLOX on April 5th, 2011. Her very first account was Lydiarocks. She then made another account 2 months later, by the name of Epicemily345.

She used this account for about a year until she then made Partyamy112 in 2012. In Partyamy112, she forumed as an RT'er after discovering the forums. Partyamy112 was then deleted in December 2012.

She quit ROBLOX for 6 - 7 months. She then returned and used her account, poniesarecute6464, for the rest of 2013. By January 21st, 2014, she made an account by the name of iiMagnificent. She began foruming in ATR until winter 2014.

She then changed her name to Vriiskaa. She became somewhat known in ATR, but then discovered Off Topic. She enjoyed the community and officially became an OT'er and discontinued foruming in ATR.

Vriiskaa became a decently known OT'er. She was infamous for trying to be edgy and getting into flamewars (and other times falling for bait).

She forumed in Off Topic for 1+ years. Vriiskaa was then terminated on June 18th, 2016, for an inappropriate thread that achieved 4+ pages. Vriiskaa now supposedly forums in CuriousCookies3 and poniesarecute6464.