Warpon is an OTer. His general ROBLOX bio was joining in 2010, April 28th, joining while he was in Canada.

Forum history

Originally, he deticated full-time to playing games. He was a clanscrub. He ocasionally drifted off to view the forums. After a while he began on RT, but moved out when ATR was created. He spent a big time there, but got bored, and for the past month he has been in OT. He ocasionally trolls, and doesn't post too consecutively, which can explain why he has only 1600 posts. Today, he is still an active gamer and builder.


  • Epigness (Main alt, forum alt)
  • arpi12 (Undercover alt)
  • wargagna (Used-to-be main alt)
  • MountPepsi (Former forum alt)

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