WhippedCream2 is OT's local conspiracy theorist and crazy person. His latest theories conclude that photosynthesis is a myth constructed by plants, the moon is trying to lure humanity to it's barren landscape, and the number 7 is attempting to consume the world starting with all numbers. His theories have various (but unknown) sources; the messages and warnings are cryptic at the best of times. He has been to known to invade (and take over) threads with his theories and random ramblings. Often times his ramblings will involve legitimate information or facts, but the presentation will be unsolicited, unexpected, or just simply unrelated to the thread.

Despite his fascination with conspiracies, he frequently takes breaks from theorizing, and participates in other threads very often. Sometimes his responses can be cryptic/seemingly non-intelligible (lending to his acquaintanceship with cruzymudwulf), but other times they are serious in tone. Serious responses are most often seen from WhippedCream2 in threads asking for technical (or other) help.


WhippedCream2 was born out of security concerns. His previous main, WhippedCream, would later become significant, eventually creating two highly-popular models (one of them being featured in a top game). He would also become close friends with people like Y05H1M4N, and so would have direct contact with popular map-makers & other creators. However, the threat of losing the account to a PG or even a brute-force hack attempt was acknowledged, and so before paving his own path to success, WhippedCream created three alts to make sure he had his back covered: WhippedCream2, WhippedCream3, and WhippedCream4. Less than a year after the creation of these accounts, WhippedCream created the two models that made him a successful creator and introduced him to big map-makers. Unfortunately, around this time he also became disinterested in playing ROBLOX, and left in late 2009. Coming back in early 2011, this time WhippedCream devoted himself to foruming, and it is at this time that he became a significant member of Off Topic (although he had previously been there before, with a less prominent presence). After some time, WhippedCream was permanently terminated in February 2012 (for an offense that was later deemed to be acceptable) and left ROBLOX.

WC Original

WhippedCream, the original account of WhippedCream2

In 2014, WhippedCream2 saw its first log-in in years. WhippedCream3 and WhippedCream4 were untouched, because their passwords were forgotten; to this day even, they have yet to be activated since 8/24/2008 and will remain this way until such a time that WhippedCream2 can recover or remember the passwords. During WhippedCream's initial return as WhippedCream2, things did not go well. WhippedCream2's return to Off Topic was greeted with faulty memory and mistrust: some users forgot who WhippedCream was, and those who remembered did not believe that WhippedCream2 was in fact the alternate account of WhippedCream. Only ~450 posts were made, and after a short time (a few months), WhippedCream2 vanished again.

In February of 2016, WhippedCream2 returned to Off Topic, this time permanently. Upon his return, he faced a changed landscape: many of the "conventions" and "traditions" of the subforum had either been modified or remade entirely. There was also a new user base, none of whom were aware of any WhippedCream previously existing in the subforum. Despite this, WhippedCream2 was able to start anew, because luckily people had also forgotten his brief return in 2014. Because of this new beginning, WhippedCream2 was able to forge new friendships and relationships with the users of Off Topic; the pinnacle of his return was his acceptance into GREEN MAN GROUP, which served to note that he was successfully able to forge these new friendships.

Off Topic "Friends"


  • WhippedCream2 is 19 years old (as of 3/4/2016).
  • Main field of study in college is Computer Science (CS).
    • Second major in Digital Humanities/Digitial Studies (DH/DS), minor in English
  • Multiple known programming languages: Visual Basic, Tracery, Python, C, HTML, CSS.
    • Currently learning Lua through experimentation on ROBLOX.
  • Works at Party City in real life.
    • Tutors at his college as well.
  • Favorite games include: RollerCoaster Tycoon 1 & 2, the Halo series, Bioshock 1 & 2, Civ 5, Dwarf Fortress.
  • Prefers Coca-Cola over Pepsi.

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