Whycat225 (Previously known as cutewombat12) is an OTer that joined on December 20, 2014. She is mostly known for her Q&A's, scenario's , drawings, and the Whycat225 doxxing incident.



  • Cats
  • She used to like FNAF, but ended up hating it for unknown reasons.
  • Glasses
  • Roleplaying
  • Homestuck
  • Sollux Captor
  • Shipping
  • Drawing
  • Minecraft
  • Her cousin
  • Creating fictional stories


  • Funification
  • Weeaboos
  • Furries
  • Rude people
  • Feminists


  • Is in 6th grade
  • Uses grammar in most of her posts
  • Is a huge Sollux fangirl.
  • actually the least interesting person on earth

List of alts

  • OTSollux
  • RipInRoopButt [termed]
  • Billagirl [termed]
  • Billababe

A very "Off Topic" Story.

Whycat225 wrote a story in which the main character is a young girl named Kate, who is believed to symbolize her.

There are many supporting characters which are also OT'ers.

The main villain of the story is Dominate Aausem, obviously based on DominusAwesomeness, or Funification,

You can read it here (she hardly updates):

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